The Road to Independence

HANA™ is a specialized home automation platform for those who want or need assistance in controlling their home environment. HANA™ can assist its users in controlling lights, appliances, doors, beds, phones, televisions, and more from their power wheelchair and/or bed. The system allows for unparalleled mobility and independence, both within the home environment and outside of the home. 

Users can operate devices connected to HANA™ through a scanning menu, voice control, and/or shortcut activation. HANA™’s web-based device management software allows users to customize the system through command creation and shortcut activation to best suit their individual needs. HANA™ also provides caregivers or family members the ability to remotely monitor and control all devices from their computer or phone.


"HANA makes my life easier each day—I love it!"


Our Advisor

Dr. Karen Ethans, MD, FRCPC

Karen Ethans, MD, FRCPC, is Director of the Spinal Cord Unit at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre, and Assistant Professor in the University of Manitoba, Dept. of Internal Medicine's Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Ethans is a clinical specialist in medical rehabilitation, neuropharmacology, pain, spasticity, and neurogenic bladder.


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