If you have questions regarding HANA™, please take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. If your question hasn't been answered, please contact us.


How will HANA™ help me?

HANA™ has been specially designed to provide customized home automation for wheelchair users. The ability to use the device through button/switch, sip and puff, and/or voice command allows users to control their home environment in a way to best suit each user’s needs. HANA™ users experience increased independence, freedom, and confidence!

How will HANA™ help my caregiver?

HANA™ creates a new independence for its users and caregiver(s). The increased independence and control of one’s environment helps reduce the number of caregiver calls placed by users.

HANA™ also allows caregivers to remotely access the devices on a user’s HANA™ network. This allows caregivers to check the status of one’s devices and remotely turn on/off devices and lights if required.

Is there a monthly service fee to use HANA™?

Yes, there’s a $25.00 monthly fee for each user.

Can I test HANA™ before I purchase?

HANA™ House is a demonstration unit that has been set up to allow the public an opportunity to test HANA™. A demonstration can be scheduled by emailing HANAInfo@MyHANAHouse.com.

Is HANA™ certified for use in Canada or the United States?

Yes, HANA™ has been certified for use in both Canada and the United States.
Canada: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1:2007/A2:2014-10
USA: UL60950-1:2007/R:2014-10
For further information, please see the TÜV Rheinland Certificate Database.

Compatibility and Connections

What do I need for HANA™ to work in my home?

HANA™ needs to be connected to the internet. A user must have their own home internet connection with WiFi capability.

A user must already possess their own operating switches/buttons, and/or sip and puff unit. If a user does not have these devices, it’s recommended that they visit their occupational therapist for assessment before installing a HANA™ device.

What can I connect to my HANA™ system?

HANA™ can connect to a number of devices such as lamps, automatic doors, televisions, cell phones, power beds, Nest thermostat, etc. HANA™ is compatible with most small devices that can be remotely controlled or have a basic on/off switch. 

Specialty devices such as wheelchair lifts are subject to device compatibility. Specialty devices that operate through remote control may be HANA™ compatible; however, a pre-assessment from our certified HANA™ installer is required.

What is a specialty device?

A specialty device would include a wheelchair lift, ramp, etc. These devices are complex and require additional components and labour in order to connect to HANA™. A HANA™ installer would be required to assess the compatibility of these devices before installation can be assumed. Depending on the complexity and labour requirements assessed, an additional installation cost may occur.

Can I expand my HANA™ system (i.e. add additional devices to the system after installation)?

Yes! Additional outlets and light switches can be purchased online or at various retailers (Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.). These outlets and light switches can be easily added to a user’s system through the online HANA™ manager. A certified HANA™ installer can also assess the possibility of adding specialty devices to a user’s HANA™ system, such as a wheelchair lift.

What will happen if my internet connection is lost?

The loss of an internet connection will impact certain HANA™ functions. Functions that will be affected include voice control, beacon access (sending text messages), and smart things access.

Access to devices that do not require internet connection will not be affected. These include local devices such as a television, cellphone, door, and other expansion port devices.

What will happen if there’s a power outage?

In the case of a power outage, HANA™ functionality will be impacted. Devices that require a power source for operation will be affected and will not be accessible through the HANA™ system. Devices with battery backup that are connected to our HANA™ system will be operational.

Devices that require internet connection will also be unavailable.

Common device connections that WILL NOT be affected by a power outage include cellphone access, door access, and power chair functions.

Common device connections that WILL be affected include bed functions, television, lights, stereo, etc.

Purchasing HANA™ 

Where can I purchase HANA™?

HANA™ is available for purchase at the following retailers:


Reliable Mobility
1046 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 0S2

Canadian Health Care Products
6-3166 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3K 0Y5

Can I purchase only a secondary bedroom package?

Customers are only eligible to purchase the secondary package if they already own a primary wheelchair package. The secondary package will not function without the installation of a primary package. An additional $800 installation cost will also be applied if the secondary package is purchased at a later date than the primary package.

What's included in the package prices?

The Primary and Complete HANA™ package pricing includes:

  • Indicated HANA™ package components
  • Unlimited access to the online HANA™ management system
  • One-hour consultation appointment
  • Installation and training appointment
  • 24/7 technical support services

The Secondary HANA™ package pricing* includes:

  • Indicated HANA™ package components
  • Unlimited access to the online HANA™ management system
  • One-hour consultation appointment
  • 24/7 technical support services

    *Installation and training appointment costs are not included in the Secondary package. Extra costs will occur.

What is the HANA™ return policy?

HANA™ comes with a three-month warranty program. If a customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase, a HANA™ installer will uninstall the system from the user’s home. A refund will be issued to the customer amounting to the purchase price of the system, minus a $500 cost for installation.


When will my HANA™ system be installed?

When a customer purchases a HANA™ device, a one-hour pre-installation assessment will be scheduled. A certified HANA™ installer will meet with the customer and primary caregiver(s) during the scheduled pre-installation assessment. During the appointment, the installer will determine device connections and network compatibility. Once the assessment is complete, the installer will arrange for an installation appointment. During the installation appointment, the installer will install and train the user and their caregiver(s) on operating their new system.

The pre-installation assessment and installation appointment must be scheduled at a time that both the customer and their primary caregiver(s) are available.

Coverage and Funding

Who covers the cost of HANA™?

HANA™ may be covered if you have experienced injury from a collision or work incident. Contact your case worker at MPI or WCB for insurance coverage information.

If the acquisition of HANA™ is not covered through insurance, the purchase of HANA™ is a private cost for the user. Funding may be available through various support organizations.

What if I cannot afford HANA™ but need it for greater independence?

Funding may be available for the purchase of HANA™. Contact your support organization for possible funding options. If you’re interested in HANA™ but are experiencing difficulty finding financial aid, please contact us at Funding@MyHANAHome.com.  We will be glad to assist you in finding funding options.

Online HANA™ Manager

What does the online management system do?

HANA™ comes with an easy-to-use online management tool. The system is equipped with unique features and extensive customization options, including:

  • Ability to easily add new devices or remove old devices
  • Manage the accounts linked to your HANA™ system (typically caregivers and/or loved ones)
  • User friendly drag and drop interface for menu creation and customization
  • Ability to add personal voice recordings for folders and actions
  • Ability to create shortcuts for commonly used actions
  • Add contacts to a user's account to easily send text messages or phone calls
  • Customize HANA™ playback speed and volume
  • And much more

How does the online management system benefit me?

The software allows users to customize their HANA™ system to best suit their needs. Customization options provide for a unique user experience that’s tailored to one’s specific requirements and needs.

How does the online management system benefit my caregiver(s)?

HANA™ allows caregivers to remotely access the devices on a user’s HANA™ network. This allows caregivers to check the status of one’s devices and remotely turn on/off devices and lights if required.

Remote access to device status gives caregiver(s) peace of mind knowing devices have been turned off during the night.

How do I access the online management system?

The online management software can be accessed via computer/laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Who can access the online management system?

Each user will have their own primary account. Primary accounts allow users to manage devices, as well as manage who will have access to your HANA™. Access can be given to family members, caregivers and/or close friends. This will allow family and caregivers access to the user’s HANA™ system for remote monitoring.

Each account will be protected through a unique username and password.

Can I change who has access to my online management system?

Yes. Accounts can be created, modified and deleted at any time by the owner.


Who can I contact if I have questions?

To contact us, send an email with your questions to the appropriate email address:

General information:

Funding information:

Sales information:

HANA™ Technical Support:

What do I do if I encounter a problem with my HANA™ system?

Our HANA™ Care Support Team is here to help! If you experience any difficulties or issues with your system, our support team will be happy to assist you. Our team can be reached by email at Support@MyHANAHome.com.

Technical Support Questions

For technical support, please visit our Technical Question FAQ page.