HANA™ has multiple easy-to-use options and features, including:

Extensive Device Connectivity
HANA™ can connect multiple devices that are easily controlled through a user's wheelchair and/or bed. Additional devices can be added to the system at any time.

Customized Accessibility
The system can be activated and utilized through a user's existing button/switches, sip and puff straw or through voice commands.

Voice Command Capability
Easily control the home environment through customized voice commands.

Online Management System
An easy-to-use drag and drop interface on the online device management software allows users to customize their action menu, create shortcuts, and add new actions. The system also allows users to customize device settings, such as: quiet time, HANA™ playback speed and volume, voice pack selection, and wake-up command customization.

Favorite Command Options
Commonly used actions can be added to a user's main action menu for easy task selection. Users can also create shortcuts for favorite commands that will activate an action in seconds.

Caregiver Access
Caregivers and/or loved ones can activate devices manually or remotely through the online manager.

iOS and Android Compatibility
SIRI or Google Now can be accessed through HANA™ for phone calls, weather, directions, and more.

Dedicated HANA™ Care Support Team
Our team of HANA™ support staff are available to troubleshoot and resolve any issue a user may encounter.


HANA™ understands that individual needs and requirements are different. Extensive customization allows HANA™ to best suit each individual user. Customization features include adjustable speed for the scanning menu, customized voice recordings for personal preference and/or language preference, configurable menu on the HANA™ device management platform, and much more.


Watch how Luke uses HANA™ in his own home:


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